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• then to now •

Le salon .. by Laura

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out there

the salon's new exterior

hair & beauty salon
welcome desk

a welcome desk which you can now see

imbalanced furnishings

a question of balance

too open

lined up or private stations ... ?

toilet or washing room?
classy toilet

a clean powder room to check the end result

open stations
tinted windows

open to view ... to cosy and private

seating area
place to sit

a space to wait in comfort for your appointment

former wash area
sinks after

the salon's customers are no longer in view and feel more at ease during their wash and colour

kitchen mixing room

the staff area and mixing room are clearer and organised

too much

light and bright ... it's sometimes better to be light, bright and cosy with it

the cloakroom
beauty salon

the relaxing beauty room

lines of stations
no mirrors

the lounge area, somewhere to read and wait in comfort instead of having to look at your unfinished self 

basic • clear • logic

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