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• thankyou! •

thankyou to all my customers, absolutely no exceptions

those of you who are now happily installed in your logic; who are greeting old customers and plenty of new ones;

who have at last moved house and now have the confidence to present their new space should there be another sale; who have let us rethink their spaces and decided there's no need to move after all; who have trusted us with their investment projects and seen their space increase in value; who have taken our advice when in doubt

(and all the rest of you!)

you have all trusted me with your spaces, big, small, inside, outside and out of the ordinary!


you have communicated openly (in the end..!) to enable me to to do my work to to best of my ability

and as a result

you have succeeded royally

thankyou to Anthony, extraordinary photographer, who has taken the most realistic of photographs

(both the befores and afters)

Alfred's Marbles works by word of mouth,

so thanks to you all for using your Marbles (and ours) and for recommending us!

you have all gone back to basic, seen clear and achieved your logic

Alfred’s Marbles 


Architecture Matters

(particularly yours)

basic • clear • logic

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