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basic • clear logic

the concept


why use an interior architect?... aren't they expensive? 

well, you could think you're saving money and do it yourself, just you and the builder 

(but good luck with that one)

a builder will do what you want him to do...but do you actually know what you want?

sure, you know pretty much (maybe) what you want right now for the space you've put your money aside to pay for but what about the adjoining space?

touch one space and this automatically has an effect on the next ... obviously, it does

(you've thought about that though, yes?)

Let us get things straight, let us help you use your marbles  (and save you money)


basic • clear • logic.

Alfreds Marbles

.. because Architecture Matters

 (particularly yours)

basic • clear • logic

(definition - simple and uncomplicated, so able to provide the base or starting point from which something great can develop)

basic (as in not rocket science) an interior architect saves you time and money

how?  they see your project globally, the whole thing, so if you're doing things step by step

(because, let's face it, it is expensive - most investments are)

you'll be less likely to make mistakes and end up paying twice

you’ll know exactly where you are with your project whatever stage you're at


(go back to the basic)  we take your space  (whichever space you have) back to its basic


basic • clear logic
(definition - easy to understand, hear, read or see)

clear (as a bell) a good interior architect will take the time get to know exactly what your needs are
and what you want

by the time a builder needs to be contacted, you'll have it all in black and white, you'll know your project inside out, backwards and forwards and upside down which, to be honest, is a lot less stress, a lot less financial output, a lot less time and the best part ?...
you'll be sure

you'll be decisive with your builder and your paying twice to recap time wasted...
(we think you get the picture)

an interior architect pays for itself - think about it
it's pretty clear (as are we), we keep every step clear

basic • clear • logic
(definition - a particular way of thinking, especially one that is reasonable and based on good judgment)

logic (yes we all have our own) your space, your logic (as in not our stamp, yours)
if it's not your logic it - will - not - work..what else is there to say?

if you want to go down the other road (the stressy time consuming one) go ahead, just know that you have another choice

and yes, renovations, extensions, conversions, transformations etc. etc. are expensive

but if you get it right, they're well worth the improvement in your quality of life while you're in your space
and should you decide to cash in and move on, the investment side is pretty good too
(but that's just logic ...) 
we give your space your logic

Alfred’s Marbles 
Architecture Matters
(particularly yours)

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