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• then to now •


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lounge Lolive
lounge Lolive

existing becomes living

lines of stations
no mirrors

the lounge area, somewhere to read and wait in comfort instead of having to look at your unfinished self 

bathroom removal
bathroom removal

logical reconfiguration of living area

decrepit space
light and fresh

unsound space to light, fresh kitchen

entrance wc to kitchen
eclectic kitchen

a former entrance has become this eclectic kitchen

bathroom Lolive
bathroom Lolive

bathroom ..? to bathroom!

kitchen space
logical kitchen configuration

scenic route to scenic views

hair & beauty salon
welcome desk

a welcome desk which you can now see

 wall removal
lounge diner

the shower room has been opened up to create a large lounge diner

kitchen Lolive
kitchen Lolive

compact can still be very bijou, darling!

parental suite

the parents suite was relocated to free up access to two unused bedrooms to become the snug and, behind the white door, the washroom

too open

lined up or private stations ... ?

kitchen Lolive
kitchen Lolive

total rethink

former lounge
light and airy bedroom

light, bright and simple

before courtyard
family garden

this paved courtyard is now a relaxed family garden

parental suite
cosy snug

the parental suite has made way for the cosy family snug

imbalanced furnishings

a question of balance

confused space
musical entrance

confused to clear

breakfast bar Lolive
breakfast bar Lolive

breakfast bar with a view

disused staircase
steps to wetroom and bedroom

this unused descending staircase now leads up towards a bedroom and shower room, giving a little touch of curiosity..

two houses to one
living area

two major supporting walls are removed to create a light, bright living area

open stations
tinted windows

open to view ... to cosy and private

isolated kitchen
communicating kitchen

the kitchen door has been removed and slightly offset to open up the view and communication with the living room

lounge Lolive
lounge Lolive


the cloakroom
beauty salon

the relaxing beauty room

old lounge
light and airy bedroom

the bedroom, once a lounge now shows off its beautiful original features

enclosed corridor
open and light

dumping ground to entrance hall

bedroom 1 Lolive
bedroom 1 Lolive

1980's to 2020's

too many doors
view to kitchen

the cosy light lounge area

seating area
place to sit

a space to wait in comfort for your appointment

old kitchen
sophrogy consulting room

the former kitchen has been transformed into a sophrology consulting room

kitchen Lolive
kitchen Lolive

much more fluid, visually and physically

bedroom to lounge
lounge with original features

the former bedroom is now a bright lounge diner which has kept all its character features

unused staircase
wet room

the unused entrance stairs are now a wet room, the staircase below has become a storage space

former wash area
sinks after

the salon's customers are no longer in view and feel more at ease during their wash and colour

toilet Lolive
toilet  Lolive

the w.c. is transformed and now has its wash basin

dodgy, impractical shower room
dining area

the impractical shower room has been opened out into the lounge to create the dining area

kitchen mixing room

the staff area and mixing room are clearer and organised

toilet or washing room?
classy toilet

a clean powder room to check the end result

lounge Lolive
Montreuil-27 ap.jpg

dull grey and closed in to lighter, brighter and fluid

unused room
shower room

this once unused room has become a beautiful, simple shower room

too much

light and bright ... it's sometimes better to be light, bright and cosy with it

out there

the salon's new exterior

basic • clear • logic

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