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spaces are my thing ... i understand how important your space is

there's no secret to it, a space must be clear and logical to its occupants whoever or whatever they may be


taking a space back to basic, making it clear and figuring out the logic needed for its purpose is what I do

i've been renovating, transforming, rehabilitating buildings and spaces (and people's well being) for more than twenty five years

and this experience has lead me to become a qualified interior architect and to create in 2018 Alfred's Marbles (And More)

at eleven years old i saw an advert on television filmed in a beautiful old factory building and at the same time i was told wouldn't be able to follow a career in architecture because i was a girl

I now have my beautiful building and my dream career

never give up and always follow your dreams (use your marbles!)


whatever, wherever, however your space

basic • clear • logic

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